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Welcome to Anchorgutz!!

This site is a sort of blog that I'm running to spread mental health awareness and to talk about my life!! I'm also using it to practice with HTML, I hope to improve :]

I plan to use this site as a safe space to talk about my experience with GAD, autism, and DPDR. I'll be sharing coping mechanisms that work for me, so feel free to try them yourself!!

Since this is to raise awareness, I don't really have a "DNI list," but if you're here to critisise me with information from the first page of google, then don't.


Extra Extra!!

I am unlabeled because I want to distance myself from the LGBTQ+, the only label I plan on using is the aromantic label!!

I am trying to keep this site seperate from my other socials, but I might integrate them sometime!! It's totally fine with me if you try to find my main socials based on things I link here!!