Early update today bc im gonna be swamped once I get to school. History EOC is today and im lowkey stupid so idk if im gonna pass. I did the math tho, and even if i fail the eoc, I still pass the class. Itll fuck my GPA up, but I can make up for it next semester in Python and AP Psych :3


Also. I tend to call ppl on the internet "babe" in my head a lot. Would it be chill if i wrote that sometimes. Idk. I like using the word babe in a platonic sense, its cute me thinks :]

star parter


wow. Gonna have to make a new updates html soon.. hard to believe that this site will be 2 years old next june, right? Its kinda weird, yk, to wrap your head around it.

Maybe im just more sentimental about these things, since its my site and all, but its still weird imo. Anyway, doing a practice eoc and listening to 60-70s rock. Im getting good vibes :3

star parter


I need to update my comic, but fuck, school has been so hectic due to testing and the semester ending- ughhg idk man. Ive got a lot to do. Im still kinda. iffy. just in a general sense. Im not sure how ill fare over winter break, honestly, im just feeling a little bleak

On the bright side, people on deviantart seem to really like me!! Its cool, yk, having people who enjoy your work :3

Trying to update toyhouse profiles for characters, but my school blocked th again. They want me died :/ so Im doing it from my phone

star parter


IMSO BUSY GUYS. Its been so hectic uhmm idk how frequent updates will be,,

Im literally updating from my phone. like. this is what we're doing now... do u knkw how hard it is to type into the code editor on my phone!!!

EOC this week so wish me luck kingz :33

star parter


Im back girly pops did you all miss me

Never saying that again im so sorry you had to read that. Anyway I havent been able to wear my binder as of late, because im still struggling with breathing due to being sick all those weeks ago.

ALZOOOO Im like. kinda interested in lobotomies. they might be my special interest rn (general psychology is my special interest, but since lobotomies are a niche procedure of that, its technically still the same thing. Checks out.),, Ive been making a LOT of lobotomy related art. All of it is posted on my deviantart and furaffinity if you wanna check it out,,

Its not for everyone, but it makes me happy to draw. Also I juzt love studying horrific medical procedurez <3

I could prob preform a lobotomy if I tried hard enough, the guy who coined the transorbital wasnt even a surgeon!!

star parter


Thanksgiving break beginz tomorrow!!! Ill be in Charleston for most of the weekend, so updates will be put on hold.

Gonna take some of this time on the drive there to work on FSR :D Really want to get the update out this week, even if itz not exactly on schedule

Whew. Dont dedicate yourself to a passion project dude, its so tiring :,)

Gunna bring my binder 2 Charleston, despite not having worn it recently due to being sick, cause cities give me insane dysphoria. Here's to hoping my trip goes well!! Will update once I get back :D

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lalallalalaalla imw atching avdnetue time

im not really feeling like my self todayyy (oh ohhh!!!!) [thats the uhhh fionna cake song guys]

Goobdye im watching advetnteur time with the dad

star parter



Trying to distract myself from the issues with my dog by working. I have a Kindou stream on Sunday, I have science to do, I have to finish drafting Dog: Days are Over, I need to finish Goat Ghosts 1, its a lot.

Its good to be busy tho, makes me forget its cold outside and my brain doesnt think im real

I need to take my meds, im dissociated as fuck, maybe id know how to feel about my dog if I was medicated

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So. A bit of a somber update, for now.

Lilly has been diagnosed with a grade 3 tumour on her neck. Its a very aggressive type of cancer, and they cant do surgery due to the placement of the tumour. The tumour feeds off of adrenaline, so technically, whenever she ran around outside it was slowly killing her. They're doing tests to see if she has a UTI, and if she does, we can't do chemotherapy on her

So,, yea,, its not really the best news. She very well might need to be put down. I just dont really know how to react right now, sorry for the sad posts

star parter


Wow. uh. years almost over, isnt it?

Still sick btw, god save me. But, speaking of sickness, i have worse news to share.

I cant recall if ive mentioned her on here before, but I have a dog named Lilly. She's the sweetest little thing in the world and we've had her since I was around 5-6 I think.

In july I found a lump on her head, told my parents, they said theyd get it checked out. Turns out they only took her to the vet last week. Low and behold, its cancer, just like I thought. Ive never lost a pet before, Im unsure of how ill react if everything goes south. For now I dont really feel much of anything about it, tho, just indifferent, I guess.

So yea, ill update on here, obviously, if anything of note happens. Send my dog some love from all across the world :3

star parter




On the bright side, the workload has mostly been projects, so i havent had busywork to do. Just projects we already started b4 i was sick. Plus, while i was home I had time to finish up Adventure Time and work on the next FSR update

I had to blow my nose tho. And idk if you guys know but i am gen so scared of sneezing/blowing my nose,, its the worst ever i hate it goodbye

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Awh man dude. i might be gettin sick,,

Im really not in a good place to be getting sick rn. I have school stuff to do,, i cant miss math bc that was hellish last time when i had to makeup all my work,, I really dont wanna be sick.

Im just gonna work on FSR and hope everything goes well

star parter


Sorry if my last posts seemed. idk. dead?? i was feeling weird. I mean, i still am, its just not as bad. i think im in an episode, so sorry abt that

Anyway Im hoping to get some projectz done this week!! I wanna make an Order of the Crow mask, make the polaroid of Marceline from AdvTime, hopefully work on FSR, and maybe write a few more songs. SPEAKING OF WHICH-

I uploaded a song to soundcloud yesterday. idk if i can even call it a song bc its just tunes with me talking to myself over it. But yea its under the name Anchorgutz if you care for it

Also a special message from a friend:

Okay blog maybe youve heard of me but i am the bestest friend of Tommie yes yes I WILL EVADE YOUR TAXES REAL NOT FAKE!!!!!!! -Bella

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Commissions are open now :3

If you wanna see the sheet, check out my FA or my insta. Cashapp only, or amazon giftcards, but preferably cashapp. Dm me on discord (brynnstic) or insta (brynnthecarrot) if ur interested :D

Anyway, i have a project due tmr so im gonna do that bye bye

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Crowbar is the mascot for this website, btw, i just keep forgetting to make a pagedoll of her

I wanna make more shrines but im feeling like shit rn

I kissed a boy yesterday, am i like, offically gay now

i might make a page for my poems n stuff, i love writing

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Making a new comic series

Its called Dog, its a part of Furtoon

You can read it on toyhouse probably

Linked here

Oh happy halloween btw

star parter


i missed club pictures but i dont even care, at this point

i dont feel like im living right now and i justwant to escape

feels like god is coming after me for being such a dick

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Dude. my stupid ass teacher was talking about all these reasons as to why the world isnt real and how life isnt real,, and how theres no way to prove we are truly alive. and FUCK man,, cold seasons always make my dissociation worse due to trauma anniversary and whatnot. So im kinda fucked up right now. I feel so out of it. Why does he just say shit dude.

I had to use my vapor inhaler for the first time in ages, yk the thing I attatched a picture of back in 2022, it sparks my senses so I can hopefully pull myself out of an episode

BUT yea. Im gonna have to start keeping this thing on me more often now, Im already slipping on work due to lack of motivation that comes with DPDR episodes, so lets just hope I dont fuck up my GPA

Sorry for the rant, im just in a bad mood now cause of this guy

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Me rewatching Luca for the 6th time (i watched it 14 hours ago im so in love with this movie)

Im so sea monster coded,, I turn into a sea monster whenever i touch water u just gotta trust me on this man

I drew myself as a sea monster from Luca, its on my deviant art lawl

star parter


I finally finished my marine science project omfg

It wasnt even hard, i just didnt do it when it was assigned lmao

Anyway i had to come out to my mom and i just. idk shes probably gonna forget anyway. ughh whaterver i just wanna forget about it

star parter


I might have to come out to my mom as trans and i am so fuckin scared man.

I forgot to bring a sports bra for cross country, and I cant run in my binder, so i had to explain that to my mom. So now she says that later we have to talk about why im wearing one.

goddd dude i cant do this man

I wanna just curl up ina ball and never wake up

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my history teacher is so fucking rude and for what??

A kid said "Sir, the document says I dont have access" very respectful, he was just trying to get his work done. This asshole responds with "Well, sir maybe you should just be patient and let it load."

Like girl shut the fuck up !! Turns out his computer needed to completely reset and he was getting 404 errors. Leave the poor guy alone he was just trying to get help

Anyway his name is mr gamble and if I ever find his home address ill let u guys have it

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I love my site sm right now im actually scared that ill get bored and fuck it all up again wahh

I completely redid the fsr site, so it's been revamped for the update on the 4th.

Also ITS OCTOBER halloween is basically here i love halloween

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I forgot my water bottle and i have cross country today gootbye evryone im gonna die of dehydration

Also I had a dream that Cate Wurtz made a movie about a lesbian cat and armadillo. There was a sex scene

Most normal Crow dream

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I hate my history teacher jesus christ man

Hes one of those "fun teachers" who doesnt actually know how to do his job

The whole class failed a test and he's convinced its our fault. King ur test is just bad, I hate 2 break it 2 u...

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I had a dream that Melon had a NeoWing on his site so I stole all his treasure and added it to mine.

And then I had a dream where my school flooded and my friend cried so I gave him a hug

Anyway if u have a NeoWing lmk cuz I need some trinketz

Also apparently all the athletes at my school have to go to some sort of anti drug meeting bc some girl held a huge party and mostly athletes went and got high and drunk, so I gotta go to it at 10

lalalala drugs r bad lalalala

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3 months until the year ends,, im not ready dude

Im gonna be a senior. Im gonna be 17 next year. I dunno

I dont want my school career to end, i need this schedule

Everything is so easy right now, i cant get a job i cant pay taxes!!! Im not ready!!!

Society isnt ready for this tas devil to start working a 9-5

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Had a race yesterday, ran a pr. 26 minute 5k. soooooo eepy and tired now im actually dying fr.

I sewed a star onto my shoe today and I like it a lot :3 I also redid my laces

Just wanted to come on here and do an update to finish off the day

star parter


I missed so much school I hate it goddddd- We had a test in history while I was gone and apparently EVERYONE failed???? Like??@?? I have to take it today i think. im so not reeady oh fuuck

And for geometry, none of the notes are posted so idk what to do for pages 9&10, but knowing my teacher we'll prob go over them today

Also I missed two entire songs for chorus- I had no idea we were gonna learn more songs- BUT my friend said theyre supr easy to catch onto, and sopranos typically sing melody (which is even easier) so i should be fine!!!

Btw.. I feel like this should be a given but,, please dont add my art to nsfw folders unless I explicitly tag it as nsfw. A sfw artwork of my fursona was saved to an nsfw folder and I wanted 2 just say something abt that

star parter


I am sick and dying gootbye

Jay but like. fr. i feel so bad i am so bad. I felt like i was genuinely going to cough up my stomach and lungs this morning.. actually felt like vomitting. I hate vomitting tho so I just chugged water and prayed it would be fine. AND IT WORKED!!!

While sick i did my schoolwork and played animal jam all day, so all in all it was pretty productive-

star parter


guyz im fighting for my life out here u dont even kno.. my friendz are olivia rodrigo haters and im trying to defend myself..

HER MUSIC IS GOOD DONT HATE sighh cant enjoy shit around here

Anyway i joined like 50032059032 furry servers and im talking with someone rlly sweet and im drawing their fursona (ITS A GRIFFIN SOOO COOL!!)

Also i know its a big tone shift, but please take a moment to remember those who were lost on 9/11. Its silly to make jokes but like,, yea. Respect them :(

star parter


UGHHHHHHHHHHHHGH Im so ready for autumn but jesus christ man its so hot down in the south. Who let this shit happen?!?!?!?!? Who let it get so hot!?!?!??!?!?

I have a cross country race tonite and its our last home race thank the lawd.....

PLUS we get a break from races for a good 2 weeks after this, we've had a race every 4 days im being so srs...

Anyway FSR wont update this week cuz im busy sorryyyyy but ill try updating on the 12th MAYBE? I cant promise anything BUT my parents will be out of town so ill have time on the weekend cuz no chores!!!

Also to all of my loving GG fans, im taking a break from doing that comic since its just a side project (plus a moot of mine on FA told me i should take a break cuz comics are hard, so ty man)

Sry for taking literal ages to update this site now, its hard to think sometimes

Wish me luck on my race or DIE!!!!!

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Uhhhhgjhdg i had to go to the doctors today and my finger got pricked and its hard to type bc i cant type with this stupid bandaid on my ring finger

I listened to Carter C while getting my finger pricked so im gonna draw fanart for him

Also im bored i might slit my legs who knows!

star parter


Im gonna update FSR soon, ive already got the panels done (surprisingly). We're finally getting into some fun shit so lets GOOOO shits gonna HAPPEN FOR ONCE!!!

On another note, I now have a furaffinity. It has NSFW (yes im 16 and I post nsfw im traumatised ill do what i want!! /nsrs) but it also has a comic Im only posting on there and on Pixilart. If you wanna follow the comic ill put the Pixilart link here (not furaffinity for obvious reasons.)

Goat Ghosts

star parter


I was so excited for school but it went wrong already. godddd im so tired im not happy.

I watched human centipede last night and it was sosososoooo good dude

thats it tho i feel bad goodbye

star parter


FSR is on a hiatus for this week cause school is back in. It should have updated today but lordy lordddddd im not gonna work on a comic in my first 2 weeks of school ahah-

Anyway like i said, first day of junior year :D Ill prob post on here and on Flipanim a lot more often cuz its all i got on this computer. I think discord is still locked up :/ lowkey lame asf tbh

Cross country is a thing i guess. COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS BRO im so ready for it to be over even tho it just started

Ive never been so excited for the winter.. since XC is a summer/autumn sport it ends in september!! Winter kills my soul but I just wanna get out of that gayass sport LORDD

Also. Im a trans boy. Im finally just. I feel very free :]

star parter


working on fsr kind of,, i started the next chapter but my brain just cant focus so now im listening to 2 and uploading the local files to spotify so i can enjoy the songs on the go

Fsr will def update this week tho, even if its a day late (which it prob wont be, im just feeling productive and i want to do something other than sit and draw)

star parter


NOT HOSPITALISED im fine i felt like i should update and say that lolz-

I read up on the symptoms of taking 200mg of sertraline, and I didnt experience any of them. All i got was a mild headache (which could have very well been due to the 6 mile run) and a stomach ache :/

So yea! im fine, nothing bad happened, but I doubt ill do it again, unless Im feeling rlly bad after being behind (ill never take more than 2 days worth.. Id probably vomit)

star parter



I havent rlly talked abt the sport on here recently, tbh, ive been doing other shitz

But yea. We had a 6 mile run today, mind you i live in the south and we literally got a heat warning this morning, and I had 3 consecutive panic attacks WHILE RUNNING

annnnd I think I just found out why. As I am typing this, im looking at my pill divider, and it looks like the last time I took my meds was Tuesday..

Well fuck me I guess, what am I supposed to do, down all 4 of the remaining pills right now??? You cant overdose on sertraline so maybe its fine-

Ill update you guys if I end up hospitalised!

star parter



Sry for not posting in so long!! ive been on vacation for the longest time- I went to DC, Vermont, and Pennsylvania!!

Ive never missed the south so much- Im feeling so yeehaw!!!

Anyway, wow, cant believe im 16-!! Im allowed into 16+ spaces without lying- IM THE SAME AGE AS MOST LIVE ACTION DISNEY MCS-

Suuuuper crazy. I missed my cat a lot while i was away so now im happy cuz hes laying next to me :3

merry birthdayyy!!!! Gotta update my age on all my 5000000 socials

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HEYYY DUDES I’m omw to DC as I type this, I’m updating from my phone,,

we got up at 5am this morning to start the drive I’m so tired wahhhh

gunna add a new pet to the playhaus sooo pls click it cuz I don’t want him to die :((

star parter



Im zooooo tired i just wanna sleep forever now wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhdgfsadh

Gonna eat a hotdog mayb bye bye

star parter



Ive recently learned about the web revival movement, and it really speaks to me!! It encompasses everything I love about the web, so i'm finally taking the steps to FUCK UP MY WEBSITE!!!!!! The Anchorgutz site will work as normal since I'll be doing most of the testing on the test html.

Cant wait for the joy that will be transfering all my old posts to the new layout.............

It might be a little hellish, but im actually learning a ton of new code!! gonna try and use frames for this next rendition of anchorgutz :3

Until next time, merry birthday :D

star parter



Goin to the mall 2day with my friend and im gonna wear my gir hoodie and im gonna ask her if she wants to get starbucks cuz i havent had starbucks in foreber and i lov their caramel crunch drink-

ALZO I made a derpibooru account soooo if any of u dudez use that, feel free to follow my artist tag :3 my acc is Brynnstic

I cant remember if ive said this b4 but ive decided that my online presance will be one of chaos and ruins. digital footprint UP MY ASS!!!!!!!!! Im not gunna use this cringe ass email for a job interview!!!!! its not even connected to my phone number!!!!!!! iLL DO WHAT I WANNNNNT >:DDDDDDD

aneeway,, theres a very high chance I might start fucking around with the website code again cuz im currently hanging out on the melon forums looking at code teeheheh MERRY BIRTHDAY!!

star parter



I wish I could've said this sooner, but I was on vacation and I couldn't update the site :((

In other news, I talked abt a hiatus on my instagram story, but I don't think I was able to really proclaim that on the FSR site, so imma try and get a double update out this week or next week :D

Also I passed out from heat exhaustion while at the beach while listening to Wendigoon, it was kinda nice

star parter



I've been so busy with commission work and now I think I'm sick- my throat hurts so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've started xc conditioning again, go figure, and some wildfire in Canada is smogging up our skies down here in the south. The air quality is super bad- I can only imagine how bad it is IN CANADA-

I don't have much to update tbh, I'm trying to be more outgoing to make XC more enjoyable for me. And cuz of comms I don't think I'll be able to update FSR next week BUT IM NOT SURE. I already proclaimed hiatus but I might post anyway if I have time bc I really want to get the story rolling and once I finish the intro stuff WE'RE OFF!!!

That's all I've got to say tbh, I came on my pc to work on some css for my wolvden page, but then I remembered Anchorgutz's birthday!! Happy one year and two days to Anchorgutz :3 We've come so far from the white noise and blue text that this site used to be-!!

star parter


I TOTALLY LIED DUDE APPARENTLY MY DEADLINE WAS 2 DAYS AWAY [TODAY.] I managed to finish the page, though!! I had to cut it down to 2 panels- RAAAAAAH!!!! I got stuff to do I don't have time to be an artist!!!

I also updated a script for one of my OC writings and it was very silly- AND APPARENTLY THERE WWAS A FIRE AT MY SCHOOL??? I wuznt at school yesterday so I didn't see it.

I had a psych appointment yesterday, so I went to my mom's office and then I went home. She didn't make me go to school becuz I finished all my work :3 so i used that time to watch downton abbey and work on fsr!!!

Summer is almost here... which means this site's birthday is just around the corner!! June 6th is gonna be an important day for Anchorgutz!!!

star parter


Alright I'm back for a second- I'm currently working on the next page(s) of FSR!! I have the ideas in my head but I haven't actually had time to draw them (which sucks because my deadline is like. in 6 days...) BUT ANYWAY THATS NOT WHY IM BAC

I texted the suicide hotline yesterday because I felt shitty and wanted to overdose or something i dunno. I spoke to a woman named Riley and she was really sweet. I told her I was struggling with being aromantic and she was very helpful. I mean I still hate being aromantic but I really appreciated being able to talk with her.

I've texted the hotline b4,, but the other lady had like. No idea what she was doing. I didn't feel helped at all, i just felt worse. So I really appreciate Riley-

Also i didn't take my medz on saturday i forgor. Cant wait to reap the consequences of my actionz!

star parter


Decided to use RareBit to power my site!! Thank you to them for having that code free and available for anyone to use!!

Finns sonaverse reroute is now officially up, the first page is PUBLISHED!!! Each page with have around 2 panelz and I'm working on finishing panels 3 and 4 now!

I'm really excited to get Reroute off the ground, so if you have a chance please check out the site (itz linked on the home page!!! x3)

star parter


Gonna start fucking around with the code for the new comic site,, I might use the old Lovekylls site since it's pretty much an abandonded project at this point.

Updates might become less frequent since I'm developing a whole new site- but I'll gladly link it here once I'm done!!

This'll be a great opperunity to test out some new bitz of code ive been practicing!!!!

star parter


first off: just realised that my site doesnt have an icon bc it used to be a rose for the old theme, but now I have a scene theme and i just. forgot to replace it-

second: I felt rlly inspired by some comic sites I found on here, so I think im gonna post my comic primarily on neocities. If I have the money for it, i might buy a domain and transfer all the code to there at some point. but for now: I think Neocities and Tumblr will host Reroute!!

ALSO new colouring style. I'm changing how I do renders and I think it looks really cool, hopefully I can find a way to make my lineart nicer bc I really fucking hate my lineart-

ALSO ALSO. For Reroute I'm drawing in a different style (well, not really, itz the same style im just using different penz) and I think its really working for that dark-oldie theme im going for. I want the comic to feel like itz from a different time, but still modern enough. Its also really helping me with drawing backgrounds, because I ALWAYS try to avoid them- BUT NOT THIZ TIME!!!!!! Im working on panel 3 now, but the preview is up on my Tumblr [Tommstic]


star parter


helloooooo silliez!!! Im working on a comic called "Finns Sonaverse Reroute" and im looking for a place to host it. If any of you know any good sites to post a furry webcomic on- pls tell me :D Im working really hard on it and I cant wait to publish the first chapter-

I'll post some of my concept art of the comic on here probably if I can remember to transfer the photos to my comp lolz

I want to make this comic sooo bad- I just want to grow up knowing I made something special when i was younger :(

I dont care if it gets popular, I just want something to look back on when i know everything i dont know now

star parter


spring break it coming up soon and i just. i dont want to waste it but i feel empty

Im on my meds, why am i so hurt right now???? Why do i feel so insane???

I got obsessed again. usually i feel sad, guilty, maybe even remorseful. but now i just want to brag about it?? which is ten times worse than beating myself up over it-

im almost excited to go back just so i can see her again

star parter


In june, this site will be a year old

Maybe on its birthday, ill share an old vent doc that I think is kinda silly

Itll be heavily censored cause I mention my school, friends, and deadname multiple times, but i think its silly

I guess it'll be cool to finally talk about the lion and the shark

star parter


Jesus christ i need to stop posting mentally ill shit and then totally forgetting about it

not dead, didn't off myself

totally thought about it though, i texted the suicide hotline and talked to Lacey. she didnt really help, honestly

thats fine tho, cause she'd probably been talking to stupid suicidal kids all night. hope she got some rest after that

star parter



I cant feel my hands, i think my nose is gonna start bleeding

Im gonna off myself

star parter


Hey guys

Sorry its been forever- I really miss the site but i've just been busy i guess

Thats a lie, i havent been busy at all. I just need a reason to be so fucking lazy-

I feel really bad, like something is pulling my heart right out of my chest

I dunno what to do. I'll probably update here more often

star parter


JESUS CHRIST. I thought I'd updated the site since the incident, but APPARENTLY NOT???

God- really hope i didnt worry anyone with that. wow-

Nothin too interesting has been happening lately, tbh, i might start doing commissions on Everskies for free bc theyre fun :D might post the finished ones here sometime!!

yhhhhh yea thats all ive really got, just kno im alive!!

star parter


So. Uhm. Funny story!!

My school recieved a bomb/school shooting threat today through an email. We all had to go on e-learning and we were sent home. It was chaos, we've never had a bomb drill before so everyone was scattered and worried as hell :(

Basically the email said that bombs were already planted, and that if the police tried to stop him he'd shoot up the school. He had a list of names in the email and everything (people have pictures, I got sent some by my gf)

It was crazy- My friend didnt have a ride home so he came home with me. We watched South Park all day and drew- I liked not having school but. Wow-

To think we could have died today if the threat wasn't taken seriously, or if he chose not to send a threat at all.

Weird. Makes me feel all icky and dissociated. My heart is still goin kinda crazy, even tho it's all over

What if they try again tomorrow?

star parter



so basically the comic is written and drawn by my oc Sandpaper. It shows his perspective on his life in WNGO and how he profiles the people around him. Itz gonna be rlly symbolic and gorey and whatever BUT IF YOU WANNA CHECK IT OUT IM GONNA UPDATE IT EVERY MONDAY!!

Itz called Lovekylls :] feel free to follow the site if ur interested, ill fix up the interface sooner or later lolz

Im actually working on it rn, sooooo bai :D

star parter



OKAY SOOOOO!!! I went to the zoo with my gf (im rlly happy bc its a queer-platonic relationship [from my understanding-] so i dont hav to do anything romantic, ICK xP!!!!) IT WAS VRY FUN!!!

ABT ROMANCE: i like writing it, but it rlly icks me :( And that actually makez me rlly sad because I so badly just want to be able to have a real romantic relationship but i just cant do it. It kinda hurts :(( but itz okay, im coming to terms with being aromantic. its getting better-

ALSO LAST THING: its the new semester, 2nd semester, LAST SEMESTER!!!!! Im so ready for the year 2 be over lolz! No more jrotc and NO MORE UNIFORM!!! Im super exciteddddddd plus I love my new english teacher already he seems so sweet. HE ASKED ABT OUR FAVOURITE SONG LYRICS AND I GOT TO WRITE DOWN A CSH LYRIC!!!!

"Because its not the sadness that hurts you, its the brains reaction against it" BYE I GOTTA FINISH MY SPANISH PRESENTATION LOV U ALL

star parter


OKAY UHHHM I didnt take my meds yesterday on accident bc i forgot, so ill probably feel an anxiety spike sometime this week :((

IV BEEN LOOKING AT PICTURES OF GUINEA PIGS AND OHMYGODDDD!!! I want a guinea pig SO BAD!!!! Ill get one when im older, hopefully!!

ALSO!! I was talking abt my ocs and my lovely wife said she wuz rlly interested in the story so i got to add her to all of my oc docs AND AAAAAAAAAAA I LOVE TALKING ABT MY OCS I LOVE WHEN PEOPLE ACT LIKE THEYRE INTERESTED IN THEM EHEHEHEH!!!!!

I was stimming like CRAZY while typing out my ocs storylines it was so amazingggggg


star parter



Its such a happy day for me, but im once again realising that not everyone celebrates :,) My friends didnt even know today was a holiday-

ALSO I BROUGHT MY KYLE PLUSH TO SKOOL SO HE CAN BE HERE WHEN I RANK UP!!! Alzooooo we might go to Ihop afterward!! I lov Ihop and i do NOT allow slander on this website!!!

Maybe its just me, but ive noticed that ever since i began on medicine, ive been making normal posts. Im not sad or anxious like that anymore. I dont miss it, but it feels weird to feel normal. Was i actually depressed???

At least my dissociation is starting to get under control. I havent heard from the little buggers in my head in a while. I do miss them, actually, they felt way too real-

Probably makes no sense but ya- Idk. Hoping I dont accidentally have an epiphany and drop my meds lolz

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DIA DE LOS REYES IS TOMORROW (pluz my one year anniversary of being a south park fan lolz) IM RLLY HAPPY CAUSE I JUST LOVE THE CULTURE OF THE HOLIDAY- Despite not believing in jesus himself, I celebrate Dia de los Reyes cause of its cultural ties. Its a popular holiday in hispanic and latino culture!

ALSO tmr I rank up in jrotc. its my last day in uniform :) EVERYTHING GOOD HAPPENS ON DIA DE LOS REYES!!!

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  • SO YA I GOT A BUNCH OF KOOL STUFF AND IM RLLY HAPPY SOOOOOO YAYAY!!! ALZO!! My favourite holiday is soon!! Dia de los reyes magos is my favourite!!!! It's on the 6th and I celebrate it cuz of my hispanic heritage :]