Smokes: waiting for CC and other stuff - 2.12.2023


Anyway, im waiting for season 10 to be on paid release before I buy/read season 9, because Ill go thru withdrawals if I buy season 9 and then cant read season 10 directly afterwards. In the mean time, im reading Smokes!

Ive heard good things about Smokes, and honestly seeing Sal and July interact as teens is awesome :3 Ive been meaning to read Smokes but I got caught up with cc and lamezine and asscastle (my loves). I really like Kwan, hes just so sweet i love him ahahehahefaejhe

I need to get back on my Lamezone grind and read more comics. Maybe ill read ffff soon

I havent even finished Smokes so ill take this one step at a time lolz


CC: Season 8 (more opinions) - 2.7.2023

Dude i lied so hard. I read like 2 more episodes and suddenly i love Fereshteh shes like my fav alongside Kaitlyn and Breakfast. No opinion on the dude, i dont even know his name tbh. I hope to see this new gen of crow cillers interact with the old gen (cortney, emma, that adult, etc). It'd be fun :3

ohhh since they know about the Howling Wynn ghost story, i think it'd be cool if they got to meet Paisley!! It would be sick imo

Yea anyway had to update bc i was just like "omfg. ive had a change of heart about this season." woop woop!!


CC: Season 8 first opinions - 2.5.2023

Guys. im reading season 8 and like. idk. I miss the old characters. I liked seeing Heaven and Elayne working at the mall tho, that was nice!! And seeing Vince interact with the new gen was sweet :3

Not a big fan of Fereshteh, shes a little bitchy, but I really like Breakfast!! I liked that Paisley was mentioned as a school ghost or something, as Howling Wynn, that was sick. I love Paisley, im really hoping to see more of her in this season. Honestly, i really need to see her get closure and tell Cortney about what happened.

Once she gets her closure, ill stop bitching about how much i miss seeing her in the comic xD

So yeaa. So far so good. I like seeing Weeks as the principal, thats fun!! I like the hall monitor girl, shes giving dog cop (but she doesnt use firearms, thats what seperates her from the common cop!)

SO YEA. I really liked s6 and s7. I almost lost it when i saw "dedicated to Nancy Wurtz" after Joslyn died :( So yea thats all i got byee


CC: Season 6 in Review - 2.2.2023

Ok i just finished season 6, im gonna go on to read s7 now. Honestly, i totally loved the multiverse aspect of this season. Delving into Paisley's story, looking at how Emma took on a leadership role, Cortney having to face her mom again, the weird shenanegains, i loved it all :3

The comedy/humour was super on point too, and i loved the outsourced media clips, like mlp, that were used this time around. It was like. ugh the whole thing was rlly good. s6 might be one of my fav seasons, alongside s4. So far, at least, s7 might knock them both out of the park WHO KNOWS!!

But yea thats my review uhhh i love cc im super excited for the next instalation to be published on Lamezone. I plan on buying all of the issues off of once im done reading, just so i have them saved.

ALSO: i have an idea. I plan to make playlists for each season, featuring songs which Wurtz mentioned in the comic. Sorta like an official soundtrack. Do we fuck with it?? Itll be boring as shit but itll give me soemthing to do (and an excuse to reread earlier seasons)


CC: A Tale of Two Paisleys (S6) - 1.31.2023

This fuckin episode actually killed me dude. Like. godddd. The way Paisley C reacts to finding the drawings and stuff in Paisley's bag,, it kills me.

Paisley saying to Paisley C "I cant say the word" when trying to talk about what happened goddddd i just cant dude. it genuinely pulls at my heartstrings so bad. I want her to get better so badly. Like i just,, i totally get it. The way she breaks down at the thought that Paisley C is somehow "the good one" is awful

Its just horrible dude. Idk what id do if i went to an alt universe and saw how much healthier and better the world would be if i didnt get groomed. That would genuinely kill me

Anyway Paisley best character, i love her to death, if she dies or some shit im gonna kms im so srs

Yea just had to rant about her because GOD genuinely, the way Wurtz wrote her character was so well done. Genuinely captures the panic and denial of realisation so well,, urgh man it hurts, but it hurts good


New page - 1.31.2023

woop woop this is where the cc rants will go. Also some other comic rants in case I wanna talk abt asscastle or lamezine.

Im trying to decide if i want dates for these, since for CC the comic name, ep, and season will clutter up the header....... but for asscastle and others it should be fine since tehyre not multifasceted

Also ignore the dividers for now bc i stole this directly from the agere.html thing cuz it was the cleanest..,,,,,