Whoop dee doo da

Lamezone shrine no longer has the same icons as agre!! And kart.html is fucking dead!!

Anyway thats all I got for updates, not much done

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You'll probably see a lot of updates on a test page or kart.html since im doing stuff for my programming class. Just ignore it, its really not something important to the actual site and ill prob archiv and delete it once we're done :3

If you do have any suggestions however, let me know :3 I dont know a lot about mario kart so it would be fun to hear some input from real fans. ANYWAY! Just letting u know to ignore that, sorry if it clogs your feed

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Going to do some minor additions to the Kindou shrine over the next few days. I plan to make an area where you can directly sign up for free readings/blessings from kindou!!

Very excited to test this out, since I dont do a lot of data input, this'll be fun :3

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cc.html is officially active. You can access it via the Lamezone shrine!! It will be separated by episode/comic name and date.

Currently has the littlespace theme bc im not at home and dont have a chance to make custom emojis/dividers atm (which i plan on doing for that shrine in specific, since its fandom oriented)

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Put all my update-esqe htmls into a single folder. 2022.html, 2023.html, 2024.html, agere.html, and updates.html are all sourced frm the same folder now. lmk if photos dont work bc it just means i need to update the sourcing links from outside the folder

Hopefully gonna make that cc page i mentioned, i think itll be fun to live react andd give my headcanons for each season/episode as i go on!!

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Might make a seperate updates html for the CC shrine, since I love ranting abt CC but have nowhere to do so. Ill do that if im not dying this weekend.

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Gonna create a manifesto-esque page. Just to really go in depth regarding my take on the internet and the world around me

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Added the crowposting page, you can access it by clicking the crow wire gif in the BLOG page.

Switching my image hosting to IMGBB so I dont have to download all my shitty content

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tryingto give all the pages their own personality, since someof them are cookie cutter and look exactly like the homepage.

Todays updates: Littlespace is offically open!!!
Speaking ofwhich,, imcurrently regressed,sorry for the messy typing!!!1!

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Furtoon Comix is currently up and running, the main page is now viewable on all platforms!!

If you wanna check it out, the link is here, lmk if you have any issues and tell me what OS ur using so I can fix it for that screen.

Thinking about 2 new page ideas too:
- Crow Posting: A page to post photos of crows i find/take
- Font Posting: A page to host my opinions on fonts I find on the web. I fuckin love font shopping

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Gonna begin working on the host site for Furtoon, like i said, maintenance-esque updates here will be scarce for a bit. Ill just update my blog whenever I have news to share regarding Lilly for now.

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Might actually try and make the site look okay on mobile, but for now Im still sick so maintenance-esque updates might be scarce

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Added a pagedoll on startup, kinda, still working out the kinks.

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Wooh. Got a lotta work ahead of me, dude- Started up the Crow's Collection project (which you can view -here- if you want a preview)

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Might make a page to sort out my kins and such. I don't have many, but I would like to regulate my labels in a way that makes sense to u guys. Lmk what you think about this in the chat maybe?

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Playhaus is done, and shrines should be accessible through all pages now!! Button has also been added!!

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Made the apod bigger so its easier to take in the beauty of the stars.

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Kinda still working on the wurtz shrine, but its generally done apart from some art Id love to add. Gonn ACTUALLY work on the playhaus next bc I love my web petz and U SHOULD TOO!!

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Okay im actually the slowest person alive so i couldnt figure out how to properly integrate the rss for apod....... so ill just be updating that shit manually i guess lmao

Ill put the dates next to the pictures just in case i forget to update, so you know its a pic from 3 months ago and not from today

Anyway, gonna transfer my stuff from my old comment box to this site now, hopefully get the playhaus and little space done this weekend.

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Updates are mostly done, some pages still under construction.

Im working mostly on shrines rn.. which you shoudl totally check ouuuutt!!!

hoping to add a section either here or in the Webmaster section with the APOD rss

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Guys im so delusional its only been 2 months im abt to redo this entire site AGAIN........ Its not feeling chaotic enough so im not happy yet!!!

In all seriousness tho, expect seldom blog updates cuz im gonna do more fucking around with code [again]

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I totally lied im not setting up rss thats too hard and im too silly for that nonsense lawl- Anyway im hoping to set up a live chat sometime this week

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Finally added a site badge :D if u wanna add it to ur site its on the about page !! also I might try and set up some rss stuffs for the updates

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Hey all! I've decided to officially separate the site updates and my personal updates [similarly to how interests and personal were seperated in the old design]

So, do we fuck with the new iframes? I've been working out the kinks with em :D Pretty happy with how it's turned out!

Last but not least, the site is now fitted for mobile! lets get a round of applause >:3