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Mental Health Info!!

To start, I'd like to say that my experiences with mental health made me feel really connected to psychology, even moreso than I am to life itself. Because of this, it makes me really mad and kinda sad to see people faking disorders online for clout. Really, its not worth it. If you fake disorders online, you're definitely ill, just not in the way you want to be.
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DPDR, depersonalisation/derealisation disorder, is a dissociative disorder. This means that I frequently feel dissociated without any reasonable stimulus (like how a panic attack could make someone feel dissociated). I experience depersonalisation, which is a disconnection from my body, and derealisation, which is a disconnection from the world. Dissociation is very normal, actually, so don't be worried if you've experienced it before!! It only becomes a problem when the dissociation episodes start lasting way longer than they need to.

GAD, general anxiety disorder, is actually pretty common and very easily diagnosable. I was diagnosed within 3 days!! General anxiety disorder does exactly what you would think: it causes me to be paranoid and reclusive. Having GAD doesn't inherently make you an introvert, but it definitely can deter you from acting impusivley or being outgoing. A lot of the typical anxiety strategies don't work for me, but I'm coming up with ways to cope!!

Despite the title, autism is NOT a mental health disorder. It's actually a neurodivergency, so it primarily affects how I process stuff!! Autism is on a spectrum, hence the name "Autism Spectrum Disorder" and can affect people in unique ways. High-functioning autism for me means that I have difficulty with picking up social signals, too much sensory input, and taking things a little too literally. Sometimes this can be seen as rudeness, but I promise it's not intentional!!

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